Becoming a Leader


Desi Barnes is one of our new Leaders he is very excited about starting his new position. He has been with MCO for only two months and already achieved this amazing opportunity. He is currently training in his new position (i.e. Learning the pitch and how to build his team.)

In the past, he worked in retail and was in the military from 2008-2012 where me managed lost prevention

Roles of new position: Desi will be interviewing, training, managing and building his own team. He said that he’s ‘learning to be a boss’.

Leadership Style: Desi describes his leadership style as leading by example. What he expects from others, he should do himself. He believes that he is good at coaching and mentoring. He thinks is very important to help people grow in a team work.


Let us know in the comments if there are any suggestions for exciting ways on how to be a leader.


For more information regarding Leadership Positions and about our company, you can check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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