Meet Our Staff

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Today I had the privilege of interviewing a very beloved member of the MCO Orlando team, Carla. Employees will refer to her as “mom” in this close knit environment. She has been working here for almost 9 years. Here are the questions I asked her:

Question 1: Where are you from?

   Answer: Arkansa

Question 2: What’s your position at MCO Orlando?

   Answer: Senior Human Relations generalist and Intern program trainer.

Question 3: What college did you attend?

   Answer: Ozarka College

Question 4: What was your major?

   Answer: Business Associate

Question 5: Favorite thing about working at MCO Orlando?

   Answer: The opportunity for growth while building long lasting relationships. She loves that she can travel with her job and it’s not stagnant. She said she loves a challenge and loves to learn new things here by “climbing that mountain”. Dreams can come true here. She says “You can learn and grow here, I know it in my heart.”

Question 6: Lastly, are there any fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?

   Answer: She loves to travel, as she has been to 40 United States. Something she is very proud of is she owned a bar and grill and built it from scratch.



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