Intern Spotlight: Pamela Tejeda

Pamela SEO giftcard

Shout out to Pamela Tejeda who has done an amazing job here at MCO Inc. ever since she began her internship in August. She manages to juggle multiple tasks in a timely manner. She has taken on the roles of human resources recruiting intern and business administration intern and has been crushing it. For all of her hard work, she has been rewarded with gift card from Wawa. Thank you Pamela for your help this semester, and keep up the great work.

Team Night: Bowling

This week the MCO Orlando team headed to Boardwalk Bowl to enjoy a game of bowling and pizza!

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There’s kind of a Zen aspect to bowling. The pins are either staying up or down before you even throw your arm back. It’s kind of a mind-set. You want to be in this perfect mind-set before you released the ball.
Jeff Bridges

Team Night: Laser Tag

The MCO Orlando office stepped into a high-tech, laser tag adventure at Battleground Orlando where the competition was at its peak. Split to red versus blue and limited only by imagination, the group dodged lasers, and strategized with teammates for the high scores and glory


The team getting ready to play
Battleground Orlando
Locked and Loaded
MCO Laser Team
Power Couple at Battle Royale


MCO Orlando is one of four hundred and fifty offices who delivers direct marketing to Global 100 clients. In early June, eight employees where selected to participate in the company’s 2018 National Conference in Houston, Texas.


National Conference 6

Ashley Allen
Graduate of University of Miami Pre Law
“Comparison is the root of all unhappiness.“


National Conference 1 

Zach Roth
Corporate Trainer
Graduate United States Navel Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC)
“If you want to live like few do you must be
willing to accomplish what most will never attempt.”




National Conference 4

Daiquan Walker
Corporate Trainer
UCF Basketball Scholarship Graduate
Pro-European Basketball League Point Guard
“People won’t believe you until you show them.”



National Conference 7










Tony Malavè
Corporate Trainer
Men’s Volleyball League Coach & Trainer
“Not motivated in self-success, I’m motivated by the success of others.”




National Conference 5

Cole Lobdell
Promoting Account Executive
Valencia College Business Major
“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.”



National Conference 8

Jonathan Jackson
United States Marine Corps
“Be so good.”