Team night: Graffiti Junktion

Here at MCO Orlando, we like to have as much fun as possible. After all, what’s all work with no play? We do that by not only having the liveliest work environment, but also by having weekly team nights outside of the job. Our first team night in 2018 was bingo at Graffiti Junktion. Gathering together, eating good food, and playing fun games: what more could we want?

Here are some pictures below, enjoy!



Our lovely staff and bosses.



Patiently waiting for bingo to start.



Carla and Rebecca posing with some cool graffiti art.



Our very own Marine veteran, Johnathon, and Melissa posing in front of the support our troops graffiti.



Team Heat members Shekinah and Rebecca.


26907806_1968262606758008_5867663631519031103_n.jpg Our first bingo winner of the night, Eli!



Our second winner and special guest, Shekinah’s sister!



Our third winner, Carla “Mama”, proudly holding up her winning bingo sheet.



Our last winner of the night, Shekinah!


IMG_4964.JPGScreen Shot 2018-01-18 at 10.31.19 AM.png

Carla and Eli working as a team to win the bingo finalist game, cup pong!

We can’t wait to have more nights like this. Let’s continue to gather and create great environments!