Team night: scavenger hunt edition

If you have never participated in a scavenger hunt, you are missing out on some good fun. The adrenaline rush you feel in incomparable to anything. Plus, it’s an amazing team building activity!

Our list consisted of finding 20 things in a 3 mile radius in an hour

1) Roundabout sign
2) Bench
3) Flag in front of stores (not country flags)
4) Your reflection (cannot be a mirror)
5) An autograph from a stranger
6) Team in a tree
7) Photo with someone walking their dog
8) Find flowers and take photos with them
9) Photo with a red car
10) Find something purple and take a photo with it
11) Photo inside of a restaurant or store
12) Photo near a water fountain (not a drinking fountain)
13) Photo of members next to a fire hydrant

14) next to an orange cone

15) take a photo with a store manager
16) take a photo carrying members of the team
17) out of state license plate
18) find someone who looks like santa
19) take a photo with a cop
20) take a photo on stairs


Here are some photos!29541556_10208826540101232_808059158568894464_n.jpg





It wouldn’t be an MCO Orlando outing without a visit to Miller’s Ale House for happy hour deals!IMG_6378


The winners!


A big thank you to the MCO Orlando employees for coming out and making this an awesome team night!

Super Bowl Sunday

Tis’ the season for football and all things sports related. At MCO Orlando, we love to find time to do things together outside the workplace to truly make our company feel like a family. Therefore, we had the idea of throwing a potluck Super Bowl party to celebrate the game.

With that being said, everyone brought food and it all fit together perfectly like a puzzle. Johnathan and Ashley (whom so graciously hosted the party) made bratwursts, Carla made 3 types of chicken (typical of a former restaurant owner!), Dre brought buns and ice, Lauren brought soda, Desi brought beer and chicken, Shekinah brought the silverware, plates, and chicken, and Francis brought pizza! It was wonderful to get together like a family and root for our teams. Thanks for coming out everyone!

Here are some pictures below 🙂



The lovely crew all gathered around for some football…Go Chiefs!


Desi, Ashley, and Johnathon. Plates are full 🙂


Dre getting some food before the big game


Mama Carla in the process of making chicken. Yummy!


She’s a hard worker, proof that the grind does not stop! Who else would work on their day off, especially at a party?


Ashley and Johnathan’s bratwursts!


Discussing business…definitely NOT placing bets


Johnathan plating up


Last but not least, Desi and Ashley!