Team night: scavenger hunt edition

If you have never participated in a scavenger hunt, you are missing out on some good fun. The adrenaline rush you feel in incomparable to anything. Plus, it’s an amazing team building activity!

Our list consisted of finding 20 things in a 3 mile radius in an hour

1) Roundabout sign
2) Bench
3) Flag in front of stores (not country flags)
4) Your reflection (cannot be a mirror)
5) An autograph from a stranger
6) Team in a tree
7) Photo with someone walking their dog
8) Find flowers and take photos with them
9) Photo with a red car
10) Find something purple and take a photo with it
11) Photo inside of a restaurant or store
12) Photo near a water fountain (not a drinking fountain)
13) Photo of members next to a fire hydrant

14) next to an orange cone

15) take a photo with a store manager
16) take a photo carrying members of the team
17) out of state license plate
18) find someone who looks like santa
19) take a photo with a cop
20) take a photo on stairs


Here are some photos!29541556_10208826540101232_808059158568894464_n.jpg





It wouldn’t be an MCO Orlando outing without a visit to Miller’s Ale House for happy hour deals!IMG_6378


The winners!


A big thank you to the MCO Orlando employees for coming out and making this an awesome team night!

Team night: Bowling edition

Last week Thursday, the crew gathered at Boardwalk Bowling to strike down some pins. We had our largest turnout ever! It’s really a sight to behold having all your employees come out and bond together. We played with two 6 person teams. As the night prolonged, everyone ended up bowling! We appreciate the MCO Orlando. employees coming out, see you on Wednesday!

Here’s some photos


Look at this turnout!




Eli bowling for Shekinah. Teamwork makes the dream work!



It was everyone’s first team night here! Thanks for coming Ashley, Patience, and Chey! We hope you guys had fun ūüôā






Shekinah helping Patience bowl. Great leadership and team work in action! That’s what MCO Orlando. is all about!













Francis’ first time bowling!





Meet Our Staff

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.47.11 AM.png

Today I had the¬†privilege of interviewing a very beloved member of the MCO Orlando team, Carla. Employees will refer to her as “mom” in this close knit environment. She has been working here for almost 9 years. Here are the questions I asked her:

Question 1: Where are you from?

   Answer: Arkansa

Question 2:¬†What’s your position at MCO Orlando?

   Answer: Senior Human Relations generalist and Intern program trainer.

Question 3: What college did you attend?

   Answer: Ozarka College

Question 4: What was your major?

   Answer: Business Associate

Question 5: Favorite thing about working at MCO Orlando?

¬† ¬†Answer:¬†The opportunity for growth while building long lasting relationships. She loves that she can travel with her job and it’s not stagnant. She said she loves a challenge and loves to learn new things here by “climbing that mountain”. Dreams can come true here. She says “You can learn and grow here, I know it in my heart.”

Question 6: Lastly, are there any fun facts you’d like to share about yourself?

   Answer: She loves to travel, as she has been to 40 United States. Something she is very proud of is she owned a bar and grill and built it from scratch.