Weekly Spotlight: Patience


Here at MCO Orlando, we want the individuals we hire to work hard, be willing to learn, and be goal driven. Often times, people think a college degree is necessary to be successful, but that’s not always true. Working your way up from the top with determination is what we pride ourselves in here at MCO Orlando. This week, I had the honor of speaking to Patience, a sales Leader, about her life and things that lead her to become part of the MCO Orlando family. If you think you’re like Patience, apply today by sending your resume to hr@mco-Orlando.com!

Here’s our interview:

Where are you from?

            I was born in Columbia, South Carolina and lived in New Hampshire for 13 years.


Where did you work before this?

            A retail store called Winsdor.


How was it different from MCO Orlando?

          Working in retail, I was an assistant manager so I was training people and creating schedules instead of selling products. The environment was different, so I couldn’t create a personal relationship there like I can here. I hang out with my employees here. A nice benefit is I get to go outside and be active.


 How long did it take you to get promoted?

          It took me 3 weeks to be promoted to leadership!


Favorite thing about working here?

         The family environment: it’s social and encouraging! I also like the money haha.

MCO Orlando Qualifications

Before applying for a job, it’s crucial to understand the criteria and what is expected of an employee. At MCO Orlando, we strongly believe in promoting from within. This way, our entrepreneurs can gain valuable skills that will eventually help them open up their own office to service one of our 500 clients. After all, that is the ultimate goal while working here. We have lined out some phases to guide current and future entrepreneurs toward promotions.


PHASE 1 – Entry level

Key Objectives

  • Be self motivated
  • Master paperwork
  • Portray student mentality
  • Understand general marketing approach
  • Display daily commitment
  • Exhibit integrity and professionalism

Goals for Promotion to Phase 2

  • Produce consistent results each day
  • Exemplify leadership qualities
  • Take initiative and ask to be promoted


PHASE 2 – Leader

Key Objectives

  • Set the pace in sales daily
  • Take responsibility for your team
  • Mentor entry-level reps
  • Run successful business trips
  • Earn the opportunity to conduct second interviews
  • Participate in additional responsibilities
  • Continue key objectives from phase 1

Promotion to Phase 3

  • Personally develop four first generation leaders
  • Grow team to ten or more team members
  • Achieve consistent weekly crew production for more than two weeks


PHASE 3 – Assistant Manager

Key Objectives

  • Assume leadership for entire office
  • Organize events and business trips
  • Assist in basic administrative and accounting procedures
  • Maintain standards for phase three program
  • Continue to grow and develop your team by personally interviewing and training
  • Participate in recruiting and interviewing
  • Run sales workshops and leadership meetings

Goals for Promotion to Phase 4

  • Learn fundamentals of effective business practices
  • Demonstrate entrepreneural mindset
  • Learn to budget and manage large amounts of money
  • Prepare an expansion team with a minimum of five leaders


PHASE 4 – Owner

Key Objectives

  • Develop business partners to expand your business
  • Develop leadership and team building skills
  • Control recruiting, select candidates, and manage relationships
  • Create opportunity by training assistant managers for ownership
  • Take financial responsibility for your company
  • Set, implement, and enforce office standards, and policies

Goals for Promotion to Promoting Owner

  • Maintain consistent office performance
  • Reach client targets for sales and headcount
  • Build a reputation for integrity and generate quality customers
  • Prepare assistant managers to incorporate