Rock and Brew

rock and brew

We need a little Rock and Roll in our lives sometimes. Last week for our amazing Team Night we went to Rock and Brew here in Orlando and had an amazing time together. It was the week birthday of two great employees of MCO INC they have been with us for such a long time so we decided to celebrate such a special moment with them and get a little special desert as an extra point. Friends and family are invited to join us every week, for our warming get together.

Here at MCO Inc., we strive for all our team members to work towards earning their own office through promotions. But of course, you need to work hard and dream big to be able to achieve that goal. If you have a mindset that you want to get someplace you need to start taking the first step today to achieve that goal in the future.


Let us know in the comments some ways you work on team building.¬†We’re always looking for new and fun ways to bond with one another.


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