Team night: promotion edition

Early Saturday morning, a few of us at the office discovered the good news: Shekinah Mouzon was promoted to assistant manager. In MCO Orlando, this is a big deal. When offered a position here, everyone starts at the same level. We valuing working our employees up to higher positions; therefore, promoting from within. Shekinah started at at the same position as everyone here. Through her hard work, determination, dedication, and passion, she managed to quickly be promoted multiple times. Now, Shekinah is close to opening up her own office. We are so proud of Shekinah and all the amazing things she has accomplished. We know she will continue to do spectacular things now and in her future!

Instead of having the typical team night, we decided to go big or go home! We surprised Shekinah at Castaway’s sports bar and grill with a bunch of food, decorations, cake, gifts, and most importantly, her mom. Her mom drove 3 hours just for her promotion, how sweet!

Here are so photos documenting our night! IMG_6622.JPGIMG_6621.JPG